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Let's Turn Up The Heat

You might have seen this almost a year ago, the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette launched and it hit the beauty world by storm. There was a mixed reaction to it, we all love some warm tones and this palette really delivers that. I couldn't believe something like this was finally coming out from Urban Decay it was about time they delivered. I put off buying it for a while so I could get some honest reviews and see how it did, at the time I was also using a few palettes that had all the warm tones I could get so I decided to get it now, I needed some warm tones in my life and I finally got my fix.

I've tested this out for almost a month now and done quite a few looks and my thoughts are finalized, the palette is staying in my collection and it's becoming a staple. I thought I'd show you one of the looks I did whilst going through my thoughts on the palette. Now the first thing I love about this palette and with any naked palette is that you can easily use the whole palette …

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